Sunday, May 17, 2009

Get Published in School Arts

As the editor of School Arts magazine, Nancy Walkup invites design educators to share ideas and bring positive attention to your art program by getting published. Your principal, fellow teachers, students, and parents will all take notice when you are published. It is one of the best advocacy tools I know.

Since Nancy is currently planning all next year's issues, she offers some possibilities for getting published fairly soon. School Arts is always in need of articles (about 800 words) for middle and high school and ClipCards for every level. ClipCards are very short, no more than 200 words, and they only need one image to accompany them. They are good for lessons that only take one or two class sessions. They follow the following outline: The Art Problem, Objectives, Materials, Motivation, Procedures, and Assessment.

Some themes for next year are The Built Environment and Green Design, but you don't need to think about themes too much. Your enthusiasm for a lesson should be your guide.

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