Monday, May 25, 2009

Lego Designs for F.L. Wright's Fallingwater and Guggenheim

The Lego company just announced new designs based on the architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright. One is New York's Guggenheim Museum, and another is an 800-piece design for Fallingwater, Wright's structure in Bear Run, Pa.

The Fallingwater model comes apart like a puzzle so you can go inside the building and see the levels, his use of cantilevers and how the forms play together. The design includes a segment of the site so you can see how the building is anchored in the landscape. There's a booklet that comes with each set to help people appreciate the genius of Wright's designs. The designs use largely standard Lego pieces.

The Guggenheim is celebrating the 50th anniversary of the completion of the building with a major exhibit about Wright and the Guggenheim this summer (through August, 2009). Wright passed away some 6 months before the building was completed. The building has just gone through extensive restoration.

Lego's Frank Lloyd Wright collection will be available in stores soon. The Guggenheim will sell for about $40, and Fallingwater will cost close to $100.

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