Friday, May 22, 2009

Mobility and Portability for the Future

It is clear that the present trajectory for mobile devices is some variation of the iPhone or Blackberry-like device you carry with you that allows you to access the Internet with all the power of your computer, carry on voice, text, image and video communication, watch TV and movies, listen to music, watch music videos, play multi-player games in real-life settings, and anything else you can (or can't yet) imagine.

Basically, the direction is to have complete mobility and access to all of your technologies (movies, phone, camera, computer, Internet, texting, etc.) whenever and wherever you are with a device the size of a cell-phone and increasingly smaller.

The latest innovation to enable video, movie, Internet, and computer access wherever you are is a miniature projector the size of a cell phone that you carry in your pocket or purse that allows you to watch and share large screen movies, TV, Skype calls, video-conference calls, PowerPoints, etc. by projecting images onto any surface. Nokia (left) and Microvision (right) are two companies introducing pocket projectors this year.

This basically solves the problem of having miniature devices while needing large viewing sizes. The screen, monitor, page, etc. are no longer needed - you can project all your text and images whatever size you want right from your mobile portal device.

Click on the heading above to see a demonstration and review of Microvision's version of the miniature projector.

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