Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Objectified - The Movie by Gary Hustwit

Following up on "Helvetica", a documentary film about the ubiquitous typeface, Gary Hustwit has released "Objectified", a 75-minute documentary film about the design of manufactured objects which he says is the second of a trilogy of design films. He's not ready to say what the third film will be about.

In May there were showings of Objectified in Toronto, Vancouver, Cleveland, New York City and Philadelphia. There were also screenings in Atlanta, the Indianapolis Museum of Art, and the Wexner Center in Columbus, Ohio. Director Gary Hustwit (right) and designer Dan Formosa from Smart Design appeared in person for preview screenings and post-film Q&A’s in Philly. Objectified’s opening weekend ticket sales in New York made it the top grossing independent film in the country on a per-screen average.

Information announcing the DVD release is expected next week.
Click on the heading above to track the movie's progress on their website.

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