Monday, June 1, 2009

Gestural and Voice Interfaces Appear to be the Future

Microsoft shook up the video game world with the announcement of its forthcoming 'Project Natal' technology, full-body motion-sensitive technology that should allow gamers to do what they want without holding on to any hardware. In this product image released by Microsoft (left), a Project Natal sensor for the XBOX 360 is shown. The sensor tracks a player's full body movement while responding to commands, directions and a shift of emotion in voice without the need for a controller.

Announced during Microsoft's annual E3 press conference, Project Natal appears to be the culmination of several years of work by an Israeli start-up called 3DV Systems, which Microsoft recently acquired. The technology allows users to control games, movies, and anything else on their Xbox system with their hands alone, and without touching any hardware.

Steven Spielberg (right) appeared in person at the launch of Project Natal and indicated that the technology has wide ranging implications for the entertainment industry.

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