Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Imagine a Future That Works

Can you imagine a future that works - a utopian future if you will? It will be hard to create a future that works if we can't even imagine it.

Most movies, books, etc. about the future are pretty dystopian. They foresee some sort of armagedon or war between machines, humans and aliens. Many people fear the future.

Star Trek comes the closest to creating images of a future that works. The Enterprise is more of a flying military base than a normal environment, however, and we aren't provided many scenes of people living peacefully and happily in well-designed places that sustain the quality of life. What would that look like?

What would a movie look like in which we have solved many of the problems we face today? What will be the future solutions to traffic congestion, overcrowding, diminishing natural environments, wars, violence, pollution, etc.? Can we imagine a world that works or are we doomed to continue thinking the world is getting increasingly worse rather than better?

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