Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Macho Man's Last Stand

We know that we should be driving smaller, more fuel efficient cars but we also know that big, gas-guzzling vehicles are one of the few ways left for macho men to hold onto their self-identity. Advertisers are capitalizing on this deep-seated need.

American and German auto-makers are fighting for the more income-producing (for them) big vehicles. They produce ads that make fun of the lack of manly noise produced by today's hybrids. Men like loud noises.

They question the safety of small vehicles. What happens if a more manly man hits me with his bigger vehicle? You don't want to die like a woman or a child.

And what about losing the ability to do high speed races in urban settings? What if your vehicle isn't up to it?

For the rest of the world the future is closer than we think. The science fiction cars we saw in films like Minority Report are starting to show up in London and other places in the world.

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