Tuesday, August 11, 2009

20th Century's Greatest Engineering Achievements

Just think how much our world changed in the last century. Imagine how much more it is going to change in this century.

The National Academy of Engineering created a list of the 20th century's greatest engineering achievements. How many will you use today? A car? Computer? Telephone? Below is the NAE's list of the top 20 achievements to help us see how engineering shaped a century and changed the world.

Think about how many of these areas opened up opportunities for design. See how many of these engineering achievements to which your students can see a design connection. What are some of the greatest design achievements of the 20th century?

1. Electrification
2. Automobile
3. Airplane
4. Water Supply and Distribution
5. Electronics
6. Radio and Television
7. Agricultural Mechanization
8. Computers
9. Telephone
10. Air Conditioning and Refrigeration
11. Highways
12. Spacecraft
13. Internet
14. Imaging
15. Household Appliances
16. Health Technologies
17. Petroleum and Petrochemical Technologies
18. Laser and Fiber Optics
19. Nuclear Technologies
20. High-performance Materials

Click on the heading above to see a meeting sponsored by the National Academy of Engineering about K-12 education.

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