Wednesday, August 19, 2009

3D is Coming to TV

If you recently bought an HD TV you might soon be tempted to buy a 3D HD TV. You might want to wait to see whether you will need the traditional red and blue glasses, polarized glasses or a version that doesn't require any glasses. Like any new technology, the dust will have to settle on what format will prevail and the prices will be high at first until demand hits the right price point.

Three dimensional movies are becoming common in theaters and slowly the immersive experience is headed toward home television. Satellite-TV operator British Sky Broadcasting is preparing to launch an entirely 3D channel sometime next year in the U.K.. It will be the largest push for three dimensional television yet with the company brainstorming content ideas beyond pure “gimmicks.” Price will initially be a problem since expensive 3D ready television sets are necessary to receive 3D content.

3D television shows are not entirely new. Ever since NBC’s 1989 Super Bowl halftime show, “Bebop Bamboozled,” the medium has been flirting with the technology. The 3D technology is becoming increasingly stable and producers are worried about keeping up with the CG film industry as it steadily moves toward 3D.

Upcoming films using the blue and red glasses as a selling point are Toy Story 3D, Avatar, and X Games 3D. The last Superbowl marked the first 3D ad event with placements for Sobe alongside ‘Monsters and Aliens.’ Interactivity is being included in Asteroid Storm, a 3D game where audiences will steer a spaceship with their hands.

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