Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Art Zone for Kids Also Great for Design

There is a great interactive website for kids called Art Zone (right) that is part of NGA Kids, a National Gallery of Art website promoting museum visits and providing auxilliary activities for students.

While it is called "Art Zone" and all of the examples are drawn from the fine art museum collection, many of the interactive activities are perfect for learning about design and could be adapted for design education activities.

The 3-D Twirler (left), for example, is much more applicable to designing products, buildings, spaces and digital animation than it is for creating fine art. There is also a virtual digital camera that enables students to crop and adjust photos. Both of these are more design activities than they are fine art and could be used to help students understand graphic, product, environment and experience design.

Use some of the interactive activities to create graphic design, architecture, animation, digital imaging or some other design education application and share them at http://designeducationk12.ning.com/

Click on the heading above to go to the NGA for Kids site.

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