Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Design Revolution Book Available in September

"Design Revolution" showcases more than 100 contemporary products and systems-- selected by the author, industrial designer and Project H Design founder Emily Pilloton-- that empower people around the globe in myriad ways and demonstrate that design can change the world.

In January of 2008, with a few hundred dollars, a laptop and a conviction that design can change the world, San Francisco-based product designer and activist Emily Pilloton launched Project H Design, a radical non-profit that supports, inspires and delivers life-improving humanitarian product design.

“We need to go beyond ‘going green’ and to enlist a new generation of design activists,” she wrote in an influential manifesto. “We need big hearts, bigger business sense, and the bravery to take action now.”

Featuring safer baby bottles, a high-tech waterless washing machine, low-cost prosthetics for landmine victims, Braille-based Lego-style building blocks for blind children, wheelchairs for rugged conditions, sugarcane charcoal, universal composting systems, DIY soccer balls, the book makes the case for design as a tool to solve some of the world’s biggest social problems in beautiful, sustainable and engaging ways--for global citizens in the developing world and in more developed economies alike.

At a time when the weight of climate change, global poverty and population growth are impossible to ignore, Pilloton challenges designers to be changemakers instead of “stuff creators.”

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