Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Four Parts to Architectural Design

When students are introduced to architectural design there are typically four major projects they can do: site planning, floor plans, elevation drawings, and models. Depending on your program and time constraints these can all be done as part of one extended project or introduced in different times in the curriculum.

Site planning (not shown) is important because students must learn that any architectural design has to take into account the surrounding environment (topography of the land, direction of sunlight, climate, neighboring structures, etc.)

Floor planning (left) is important because it helps students understand the functional and spatial relationships of the interior spaces.

Elevations (near right) are important because designers and clients need to see what the structure will look like from the outside.

Models (far right) are important because it helps the designers and the client see the design in the round.

These examples are from SkySong which is a mixed-use project at Arizona State University in Scottsdale consisting of 1.2 million square feet of office, research and retail space, and a hotel /conference center.

Click on the images to see larger versions.
Click on the heading above to learn more about Skysong.

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