Sunday, August 30, 2009

GoodWorks Effie for Companies That Do Good

The Effies are awards for effective marketing communications. As part of Ad Age's GoodWorks initiative and to further promote such efforts, Advertising Age and Effie Worldwide are partnering on a new Effie Award to recognize and promote the idea of doing well by doing good – The GoodWorks Effie.

The GoodWorks Effie is for communications programs proven effective in addressing a social problem or in expanding an existing program in ways that benefit our society or our planet. Any effort that sets out to give back in some way for the greater good is eligible to enter.

This award is based on the belief that lines between brand marketing and a company’s reputation are blurring. Today, businesses believe that those that lead with a strong social conscience through things like sustainable business practices and philanthropic initiatives will succeed.

Like the other Effies, what will be judged and measured is the effectiveness of the communications program created. All GoodWorks entries will undergo the same rigor of evaluation as other Effie entries do. Any and all marketing communications efforts, whether full campaigns or unique efforts within a campaign are eligible to enter as long as measurable results exist. It can be for profit, or not. Projects could be for pay or pro-bono. Categories include profit and non-profit campaigns.

The GoodWorks Effie for Brands/Companies is for marketing communications efforts undertaken by for-profit entities that are ‘doing well by doing good.’ Examples of campaigns that would have been eligible for this award include:
- Pedigree, Echo
- Walmart, PSP 2007: Personal Sustainability Project
- Häagen-Dazs, Häagen-Dazs Loves Honey Bees (above right)

The GoodWorks Effie for Non-Profits is designed for communications of a public service nature for a non-profit organization or association, including political messages and special interest/trade group communications. Examples of campaigns that would have been eligible for this award include:
- Oregon Humane Society,End Petlessness Campaign
- Autism Speaks, Odds Campaign

Winners will be announced and awarded at a special cocktail reception in February 2010.
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