Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I.D. Magazine Call for Entries

I.D. magazine (left) holds a competition each year for design excellence. Design educators looking for lesson ideas might draw from the categories used by I.D. to help come up with curriculum ideas for schools.

Here are the categories of design used by I.D. magazine:

CONSUMER PRODUCTS: appliances, housewares, electronics, sports or recreational products, wearables/fashion, toys, mobile devices, musical instruments, computers, and transportation devices for personal use: cars, planes, boats, skateboards, bicycles, etc.

GRAPHICS: books, magazines, typefaces, posters, advertisements, T-shirts, CD/DVD covers/inserts, stationery, logos/identity programs, annual reports, fliers, invitations, billboards, signage, film titles, and motion graphics

PACKAGING: graphic and structural packaging for retail, wholesale, promotional, and industrial use, including containers, boxes, bags, bottles, tubes, labels, and book/CD/DVD packages

FURNITURE: contract and residential furnishings (individual pieces or sets); lighting and bath fixtures; and wall, floor, window, and furniture coverings (including textiles, carpets, tiles, laminates, etc.)

ENVIRONMENTS: architectural projects, interiors, commercial/retail environments, temporary or permanent exhibits or galleries, wayfinding systems, landscape design, and public open spaces

EQUIPMENT: business, medical, industrial, military, and scientific products; instruments, apparatuses, and computers for commercial use; and mass-transit vehicles

INTERACTIVE: websites, widgets, viral marketing and promotions, interactive installations and kiosks, software, video games, robotics, and mapping applications. Note: All motion graphics should be submitted to the Graphics category.

CONCEPTS: Any products not yet manufactured that explore the possibilities of design or technology.

andDESIGN uses four large categories that correspond to these: images, objects, environments, and experiences.
Click on the heading above to see I.D. magazine's website.

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