Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Project H Believes Design Can Change the World

Project H Design is a charitable organization that supports, creates, and delivers life-improving humanitarian product design solutions. They believe industrial design can be a tool to address social issues, a vehicle for global life improvement, and a catalyst for individual and community empowerment.

Using a scalable local-to global model for all projects, design fellows and volunteers in 6 US and 3 international chapters work to create systems and solutions for the developing world, homelessness, education, foster care, health care, and more.

Project H is a global coalition of hundreds of designers worldwide who work with, not for, organizations, enterprises, communities, and individuals. Their mission is to provide enabling, sustainable, meaningful, and efficient design solutions.

One of their projects is the Hippo Roller Redesign (right) that is an improved version of a water transport device for the developing world, redesigned for better shipping efficiency and broader distribution. The Hippo Rollers are water containers that can be rolled from the water source to the village.

Learning Landscapes (left) is one of Project H's initiatives that is a grid-based math playground system for active learning that can be built anywhere in the world. This picture shows students using Learning Landscape to learn math in Uganda. Several games have been developed using the Learning Landscapes system.

Click on the heading above to see a 6 minute video about Project H's Learning Landscape project.
Project H believes design can change the world.

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