Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Parking Lot Recharges Electric Cars While Keeping Them Cool

Parking lots are typically just for parking a car and are usually without any shade or other amenities. Designer Neville Mars has designed a charging station that keeps electric cars both cool and charged.

Called the Solar Forest, the panels actually follow the sun throughout the day for maximum efficiency. And the canopy provides shade for the cars below. The tree trunks are like a giant power strips for electric vehicles. Cars can just plug in to recharge while they cool off.

Click on the heading above to see an animation of how the Solar Forest would work.

Neville Mars is architect and chairman of the Dynamic City Foundation. Together with Saskia Vendel, Neville Mars founded Dynamic City, an international urban research and development platform specialized in rapidly changing environments, in an effort to combat what he calls "the present dream and the future nightmare" of people-packed mega-cities in China. Trained as an architect in Delft Technical University, The Netherlands, Neville Mars started his career working for the office of Rem Koolhaas- O.M.A. in Rotterdam, where he made key contributions to the projects of The Guggenheim Museum Las Vegas, Schiphol Airport and Rotterdam Central Station.

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