Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Roof-Top Real Estate Going Green

Architects, Urban Planners, and Landscape Architects are discovering that there is a lot of unused real estate in cities - roof tops. Unlike the beautiful tile roofs found in many European cities, most American cities seen from above are an ugly collection of flat tar roofs and HVAC units.

Some hotels and high-rise work and living inhabitants are realizing that the views from their windows are the ugly roofs of their neighbors. Roof-Top Real Estate is the idea that you can improve the quality of your property by changing the roofs of your neighbors.

Turning ugly roofs into landscaped green spaces is having economic and aesthetic payoffs. It turns out that these roof top gardens are not only more attractive but they are environmentally friendly and economically rewarding.

Click on the heading above to see Treehuggers slide show of green roofs.

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