Friday, August 28, 2009

What Would Your Perfect Car Be Like?

The carmaker, Audi is asking its 300,000 Facebook fans to crowdsource ideas for a concept car of the future - for a 2030 concept car designed for young people.

They are asking what functionality and features you would like to see on a new vehicle in 2030 as part of a competition at the Los Angeles Auto Show, which has challenged vehicle manufacturers to design a youth-oriented car of the future.

Videos created by an online video company called TurnHere encourage fans to participate in the design challenge, while follow-up discussion questions solicit specific feedback, such as 'How will your car play a role in keeping you connected to your digital world in the future?'

The videos showcase real Audi designers sharing their design philosophies and visions for the future of the automobile.

Using Facebook, Audi is posting videos of their design process, information about the contest as it progresses, and soliciting questions and feedback to find out what the fans would like to see in a car of the future. It wants its 300,000 fans to know that as a company, Audi listens to its customers and wants to engage in a conversation about the future.

Click on the heading above to go to Audi's Facebook site.

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