Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A Better World by Design Conference

A Better World by Design is an annual conference founded and organized by an interdisciplinary group of students from Brown University and the Rhode Island School of Design. The students put together a lineup of world-class speakers, panels, workshops, and events for this conference for about 500 people, October 2-4, 2009.

Keynote Jan Chipchase (far right) will talk about how design can reach underserved populations. There will be 17 interdisciplinary panels on topics from Open Source Creativity to the Future of Transportation. There will also be events like Core77's first ever live One Hour Design Challenge. Additions are posted to the conference website, Facebook, and Twitter.

Interdisciplinary panels include topics like Affordable Housing, Green Consumer Products, Appropriate Technology, Information and Data Design, Arch. in the Developing World, Local and Sustainable Agriculture, Clean Energy, Medical Design, Design and Business, Open Source Creativity, Emergency Shelter, Social Entrepreneurship, Emerging Markets, Urban Arts, The Future of Transportation, Visual Communication for Activism, and Green Building and Architecture.

The student team and its partners have planned a variety of interactive events including:
1-Hour Design Challenge - Core77; Materials Petting Zoo - Ecolect; Design Matters - AIGA\RI; Mixer - Peerless Lofts; Gala - Wolcott Eco-Office.

Speakers include:
Jan Chipchase, world-renowned design anthropologist from Nokia
Stefan Behnisch, German architect and sustainable design guru
Michael Braungart, pioneer in environmental science and design
Teddy Cruz, architect of urban housing that empowers communities
William Drenttel, graphic designer for social impact
Stu Harshbarger, engineer and inventor of mind-controlled prosthetics
Kigge Hvid, founder of Denmark's INDEX: Design to Improve Life
Jaime Lerner, urban planner and former mayor of Curitiba, Brazil
Emeka Okafor, advocate of homegrown African innovation
Emily Pilloton, industrial designer and founder of Project H Design (above)
Nathan Shedroff, experience design pioneer and author of Design Is the Problem
Ken Banks, Kiwanja
Niti Bhan, Emerging Futures Lab
Cameron Sinclair, Architecture for Humanity
and others.

Click on the heading above to go to the Better World by Design Website.

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