Sunday, September 13, 2009

Contemporary Fashion Design from India

Often when we think of other cultures we have them fixed in our minds as they existed centuries before. India, for example, should call up more than images of ancient India or contemporary Bollywood movies. There is also a burgeoning contemporary fashion industry in India that should be presented to our students.

Fashion designer Rina Dhaka (center in picture on left) has been a part of the Indian fashion scene for the past fifteen years. Appreciation for her work has extended beyond India and international fashion magazines 'Vogue' and 'Elle' have featured her work (right).

With Indian women beginning to work in the outside world and becoming more independent, there's a market for both western and Indian clothing, party wear and office attire. As Dhaka points out, "We have beautiful Indian clothing, antique Indian shawls and old sarees and now we have us, Indian designers, who will try hopefully to keep the culture intact and make a strong fashion statement."

Click on the heading above to see a video about Dhaka and Ranna Gill's fashion influence.

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