Thursday, September 10, 2009

Emily Pilloton Created Project H to Design for the Disadvantaged

We have previously written about Project H and its initiatives like Hippo Rollers and Learning Landscapes. What we didn't realize is that these amazing projects are the work of a 28 year old woman, Emily Pilloton (right).

At the age of 26, Emily Pilloton founded Project H with a $400 loan from her parents and a network of people she knew from being an editor at Inhabitat. After being trained as an architect and working as an industrial designer, she got fed up with design in the traditional sense and vowed to focus on design that improved Humanity, Habitats, Health, and Happiness (Project H).

Her first task was to re-design, fund and deliver 75 Hippo Rollers, a water transporting device, to a South African community (far left). Pilloton's team then turned their attention to an AIDS orphan school in Uganda. They came up with a grid of half-buried tires that could support a dozen active games they invented, turning it into a "learning landscape." And then they went there and built it for $1000. Three more are being built in the Dominican Republic, North Carolina (left) and the Bay Area.

In the last year she also wrote a book, Design Revolution: 100 Products and Solutions that Empower People. Click on the heading above to go to the Project H website.

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