Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Industrial Designers Meet in Singapore

What can our world be in 2050? That's the question industrial designers from around the world are asking themselves when they meet in Singapore for their World Congress in November.

The Congress will generate a series of propositions for a desirable future, under the theme of “Design Difference: Designing our World 2050”.

According to conference committee chair, Low Cheaw Hwei (left), "Design goes beyond invention. It is envisioned through imaginative concepts, transformed through creative processes and applied to what we value in our lives, culture, society, and environment. Good design is often ahead of the market and sometimes beyond the horizon."

The program will be comprised of a three-day forum of studio presentations by creative leaders, interactive debates and plenary sessions structured to explore the difference that design can bring to individuals, organizations and communities in the coming decades. There will be a strong action agenda, culminating in a “Come Monday morning, I will . . .” declaration of intent by Congress participants.

Designers, business leaders, community leaders, educators, scientists and entrepreneurs all have a stake in the difference that design can make in developing a better world by 2050. The Icsid World Design Congress offers a unique opportunity to share ideas with some of the world’s leading thinkers from a broad spectrum of disciplines and to imagine a better future through design.

The ICSID World Congress is being held in conjunction with the Singapore Design Fesitval (right) with the theme Design 2050: Possibilities for Tomorrow. Presenting some 100 design-related activities over 11 days, the Festival will see participation from Singapore and key international Partners such as Australia, Italy, Japan, Korea, Switzerland, Sweden, the United Kingdom and the European Union.

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