Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Learn About Industrial Design from the Professionals

Looking at the program of the Industrial Designers Society of America's national conference, one can learn a lot about what industrial designers are thinking about, who they are, and how they see their role in the future.

Peter Bressler (left) is founder of Bresslergroup, a design firm in Philadelphia, PA. He is one of the speakers at this year's Industrial Designers Society of America national conference held in Miami.

In his presentation he provided an overview of the historical roots of the Industrial Design profession. According to Bressler, depending on the source, industrial design began the first time a rock was lashed to a stick in order to "do lunch", or it was born of the transition from craft to mass manufactured functional devices as exhibited in the 1870s centennials in Philadelphia and London, or it began with the philosophical design teachings of the Bauhaus under the leadership of Walter Gropius in 1925.

Industrial Design is a profession that creates useful and beautiful artifacts and interactions. The field has changed profoundly with each decade. Industrial Designers have variously been seen as crafts-persons, doer-philosophers, and problem solvers. They are faced with the irony of trying to solve society’s problems with beautiful objects that also consume resources, fill landfills and choke the planet. He challenged designers at the conference to see if they can gain insight into the best future course for Industrial Design by examining how they evolved to where they are.

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