Friday, September 4, 2009

New Monopoly Game Involves the Entire Planet

Add Google Maps and Google Earth to a Monopoly game and you turn the whole planet into a giant board game. This adaptation of a familiar game to an incredible scale is a sign of the kind of thinking kids will engage in for the future.

Anyone can own a virtual piece of the globe thanks to Monopoly City Streets, a new global campaign by Hasbro in partnership with Google. Participants will be able to buy, sell, and develop property on any street in the world using Google Maps and Google Earth technology.

Launching on September 9th, the campaign will promote the Monopoly City edition, an updated version of the board game where players build 3D cities from scratch. Meanwhile, the four month online version turns the whole world into a board game.

Click on the heading above to go to the website to follow the ongoing developments.

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