Tuesday, September 15, 2009

October is a Good Time to Teach Costume and Makeup Design

With Halloween coming in October this is a good time to introduce students to costume and makeup design. Many of the inspirations for costumes and makeup come from movies, TV shows, video games, and comic books. Teachers can also introduce students to costume design used on stage for live theater.

Teachers can use Halloween as an opportunity to teach students about costume and makeup design done by professionals for movies, the stage, and, to a lesser extent, television. There is plenty of information available by searching online under keywords like costume design, makeup design, and prosthetic makeup. Introduce students to the winners of the Academy Awards for Costume Design and have them think about which films this year might be nominated for best costume design.

From the looks of it, makeup and costuming play a big part in Johnny Depp's upcoming movie version of "Alice in Wonderland" which won't hit theaters until March 5, 2010 (right).

There are magazines and websites for all manner of makeup and costume design. There is, for example, a magazine just for people who create prosthetic makeup designs.

Click on the picture of the leopard makeup on the left to see a larger version where the prosthetic details can be seen more clearly.

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