Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Precision of Animation Drawing

Design professionals have styles of drawing particular to their professions to which students should be exposed. There are distinctive drawing conventions that differ for auto designers, animators, comic book artists, fashion designers, architects, product designers, and movie concept artists. Students should see examples of these different ways to draw and understand the advantages of each form.

Animators are held to one of the highest standards of drawing of any profession. They must draw frame after frame with characters in different positions without distorting the features or going "off model". In addition, the line quality of animation and comic book artists is elegant, clean, and precise.

Every animated film or TV show has a style book that they refer to on a regular basis to keep their work consistent. You can get a look at the style book for the Simpsons in a book called "The Simpsons Handbook: Secret Tips from the Pros".

Test your observational skills to see if you can draw a Simpsons character even while looking directly at the model and then look at the tips to see how close you got. There are many videos on YouTube with people claiming to show you how to draw Simpsons characters who would never get hired by Matt Groening (the creator of the Simpsons).

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