Saturday, September 19, 2009

Prop Designers Have Ideas for Halloween Costumes and Decorations

When looking at ideas for designing Halloween costumes you might want to look specifically at prosthetic makeup effects and also prop designers. Props (short for properties) are the things in movies and on the stage that aren't "sets" or "costumes" but are objects that are carried, worn, used or picked up by someone (like a gun or a sword).

Prop designers have knowledge of construction techniques and special materials that are light weight but durable and can be made to look like wood, metal or any other material. Many action hero costumes require prop design.

Harrison Krix is a 27 year old Graphic Designer in Atlanta who also takes commissions to make props. He did an elaborate prop costume of a character called "Big Daddy" from the video game "Bioshock" and shows, step by step, how he did it on his website.

You start with a concept drawing (not shown) that you turn into a pattern or plan (left) that you construct over a frame or armature (second) and finish with surface materials, colors and textures (far right).

Click on the heading above to go to his website and scroll down to see a video of his "prop costume".

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