Sunday, September 20, 2009

UK Design Museum Mentors Student Designers

The Design Museum in London (right) has developed a design program for students to go along with exhibits they have scheduled during the year. Their program, called the Design Factory, is designed for college students but the concept could be easily adapted for other museums and for other age groups.

The museum's annual higher education project is designed for BA design students, spanning product, fashion/textiles, graphics/illustration and architecture/spatial design.

Developed in consultation with design tutors (mentors), the Design Factory invites students to respond to the project brief Future Design For Future Need through gallery research and creative practice, using Design Museum exhibitions, public events and online resources as primary sources of inspiration and research.

Design Factory offers students a range of opportunities including:
• Professional feedback on project work submitted to the Design Factory Judging Days
• Input from practicing designers at the Design Factory Student Symposium
• Cross college networking
• Potential inclusion in the Design Factory Student Exhibition at the Design Museum as part of Design Overtime in Spring 2010

Design Factory is created to encourage challenging, experimental, open ended, multi-disciplinary responses that opens up students' design processes and thinking.

The simple program involves a design brief, research at the museum and their online site, tutoring, and a related design task. Click on the heading above for a full description. (In the description, HE stands for higher education and HCD stands for human-centered design.)

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