Monday, September 14, 2009

Wild-Life Foundation Creates Virtual Living Planet Community

The Living Planet Community is a web community of real Canadians who are taking action to live a healthier life for people, the planet and for our children. When visitors to the website join the Living Planet Community they are lending their voices to a collective, positive and unified call for everyone - governments, businesses and individuals - to do their part, especially to fight climate change.

WWF-Canada is helping show Canadians how their actions add up when they work together. On this website, people can commit to personal actions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, join or create like-minded groups, and invite or challenge others to join them.

For example, on the site area, Take Action on Climate Change, people can browse different actions and select ones to commit to doing now (or very soon). Participants can also add actions they've taken over the past year. The program then calculates how much Greenhouse Gas (CO2) has been reduced. The system adds up everyone's contributions into a Canada-wide total and tallies provincial totals as well.

Click on the heading above to see their website.

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