Sunday, October 18, 2009

Cardboard Construction and Animation

As budgets get tighter with an ailing economy one material that is still easy to come by is cardboard. Regular box cardboard can be used to make models for architecture, product design, and even animation. If you want bigger sheets try appliance stores or you can buy 4' x 8' sheets at cardboard supply places.

The Center for Understanding the Built Environment (CUBE) has a curriculum for developing a Box City - a miniature version of your whole community made out of cardboard.

TreeHugger is a great website promoting environmentally friendly activities that showed some examples of design projects done with cardboard (left and right). Notice that the trick to making good cardboard structures is to create all the details with cardboard and avoid just painting on flat surfaces.

Click on the heading above to see a two-minute video showing how to create and animate a cardboard animated film. The video ends with stop-action shots of the animator moving each piece incrementally between clicks of the camera.

The story below includes a link to an interesting animated cardboard film.

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