Tuesday, October 6, 2009

INDEX: Rewards Designs to Improve Life

INDEX: written with what has become its ubiquitous iconic punctuation (left), encourages people to imagine a better future, and show what they're going to do to help us get there.

Kigge Hvid, CEO of INDEX: (right), explains, "INDEX:'s mission is to secure high-quality Design to Improve Life internationally. Therefore we inspire, collect, advocate, communicate, evaluate, connect and discuss Design to Improve Life globally."

Created by Denmark, INDEX: Design to Improve Life reflects tenets that made Danish design powerful in the last century – humanism; social understanding and democratic thinking. They produce large scale public events, educational and informative programs, communication and outreach.

They have a biennial design award focusing on design that substantially improves the lives of people, which they say is the world's largest award for design - a 500,000-euro purse divided evenly among winners in five categories. The award is given in five categories; Body, Home, Work, Play and Community.

Along with the award, they host other projects that include:

INDEX: Award Exhibition: A large-scale world-touring exhibition presenting the finalists of the award, in the five universal categories. The exhibition is presented at a central public square in hosting cities – and always accessible and with free admission to showcase that the world can be improved in many ways through design.

INDEX: Summer Camps and INDEX: AIGA Design Challenges engages design and business students from all over the world in designing to improve life.

INDEX: Outreach: reaches out to students, children, teachers, professionals, companies, public authorities, seniors etc. with services, knowledge and inspiration about Design to Improve Life.

INDEX: Education: is right now in the process of designing the first ever package for teaching Design to Improve Life among primary and lower-secondary pupils and high school students. The web-based format which comprises material for students as well as teachers is to be used within the curriculum of social studies, as the subject matter concerns new processes and methodology and new ways of thinking. After piloting on a business high school, a technical high school and a traditional high school in November the material will be made available for all schools on an open source basis.

INDEX: Communication: is the essential infrastructure to ensure our digital and physical presence is established and disseminated around the world.

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