Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Intersection between Engineering and Design

Elementary, middle and high school teachers across the United States competed for thousands of dollars of classroom materials in the Engineering Education Service Center’s first Engineering Curriculum Contest. The winners were selected from over 20 entries and best reflected high levels of creativity, innovation and student engagement.

From Spider Silk to Tsunamis to Mini-Skateboards and Water Purification, this year’s entries were examples of hands-on activities that help students learn and retain more math and science concepts. By choosing to teach engineering, educators can help students make the links between classroom learning, their everyday lives and the wider world.

Winning curriculum is available as a free download on the Engineering Education Service Center’s website The Engineering Education Service Center’s 2009 Curriculum Contest was sponsored by the Engineering Education Service Center in an effort to reward teachers who are tackling this challenge.

Engineering Education Service Center (EESC) is an engineering education company that specializes in providing products for K-12 schools to teach and share the fun of engineering. From curriculum to books, DVDs, posters, T-shirts and other motivational products, EESC aims to make engineering understandable and accessible to everyone.

EESC is directed by Celeste Baine (right). Baine is a biomedical engineer, the director of the Engineering Education Service Center and an award-winning author. EESC has also published many books on various aspects of engineering (left).

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