Sunday, October 18, 2009

Looking for a Good Design School?

High School students interested in becoming designers are looking for good design schools to attend after graduating.

Some of the factors that will determine what would be the best design school for any particular student include:
How far are you willing to move from home?
What part of the country do you want to go to school in?
What area of design are you particularly interested in?
How good is your portfolio?
Are you ready for the big time or do you like an intimate, caring environment?
How much can you afford to spend for school?

Brian Hoff (right), who created the website The Design Cubicle in 2008, has provided a useful collection of websites of some of the top design schools. His idea was to use the school's websites to speak for themselves so the list may be more of a reflection of good websites than good design schools but there is surely some overlap there.

The 27 schools on Brian's list range from Cal Arts (left) on the West Coast to Harvard Graduate School of Design on the East Coast and everything in between. There are a few good schools that weren't included but readers have provided those in the comments.

Brian also has several other great articles on his site about things like logo and type design. Click on the heading above to check out the website and see the splash pages of 27 top design schools.

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