Monday, October 12, 2009

Prodigy Produces Book on Design

Creative Grab Bag (right) is an interesting book in which designers were challenged to create designs outside their normal area like design a building, poster, illustration, collage, magazine cover, book cover, shoes, typeface, comic strip and so on.

The interesting thing about the book is it was created by Ethan Bodnar (left) who was 19 years old when the book came out in 2009. This means he started the book while still in high school. He's now a sophomore in college. He was one of the youngest presenters at this years national AIGA conference in Memphis speaking before 1500 professional designers.

Creative Grab Bag is a collection of work from 101 artists, illustrators and designers from around the world. Many are well known and others are emerging designers. Author Ethan Bodnar created over 30 unique tasks and gave each contributor a task that was different from their typical work. The book contains images of each artist’s creative task, typical work, and a biography and short reflection on the creative process. Together, they capture the spirit of exploration and innovation and challenge readers to break out of their usual work.

In the back of the book the challenges are printed on Grab Bag Cards so you and your students can become part of the process and take on one of the challenges. This is a great resource for any design class.

Click on the heading above to go to Ethan's site.

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