Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Where the Wild Designers Are

The upcoming movie "Where the Wild Things Are" is a designer's dream. Start with the book by one of the world's great illustrators, Maurice Sendak, add one of the world's most innovative film makers, Spike Jonze, and then roll in cinematographer Lance Acord, (Jonze's collaborator on "Being John Malkovich" and "Adaptation"), and production designer K.K. Barrett and you get one of the most visually stunning adaptations of a children's book to film. This, from start to finish, is a movie made by designers.

Despite school counselors and parents still telling students not to go into art if they want to make a living, design is one of the biggest career fields for visual thinkers today. Like so many movies, designers play a huge role in making stories come to life on the screen. Sit through the credits of most movies today and you will see the names of some of the top design firms followed by the designers who work for them. Most films employ several different design companies who specialize in particular visual effects.

Here is a sampling of the people and jobs just in the Art Department for Where the Wild Things Are:
KK Barrett, Production Designer
Lisa Thompson, Set Decorator
Will Hawkins, Art Director - Pre-Production Art Director
Jocelyn Thomas, Art Department Coordinator
Honi Keller, Set Dresser
Josephine Johnson, Art Department - Assistant Art Finisher
Josh Sheppard, Storyboard Artist
Steve Orefice, Painter - Paint Foreman
Jack Elliott, Greensman
Michael Bell, Set Designer
Maya Shimoguchi, Model Maker
Glen Hanz, Sculptor
Stefan Dechant, Illustrator
Ralph Moser, Concept Artist
Andy Robinson, Scenic Artist
Bo Haldane, Assistant Set Dresser
Kent Jones, Sculptor
Daniel Engle, Model Maker
Tel Stolfo, Set Designer
Mario Peraic, Greensman - Greens Foreman
Eric Ramsey, Storyboard Artist
Cheree Miller, Art Department Coordinator
Tuesday Stone, Art Department - Art Department Assistant
Ben Barber, Set Dresser
Christopher Tandon, Art Director - Pre-Production Art Director
Rohan Dawson, Set Decorator - Set Finisher
Hugh Anderson, Set Decorator - Set Finisher
Jeff Thorp, Art Director
Flynn Kavanagh, Set Dresser - On Set Dresser
Anna McGrath, Art Department - Art Department Assistant
Federico D'Alessandro, Storyboard Artist
David Swanson, Greensman - Greens Leading Hand
Sonny Gerasimowicz, Set Designer - Wild Things Designed for the Screen
Cleve Gunderman, Model Maker - Mold Shop Supervisor
David Simon, Sculptor
David Smith, Sculptor
Brian Rae, Model Maker - Mold Department
Paul Daffy, Greensman
Darryl Henley, Storyboard Artist
Adam Mull, Art Department - Art Department Assistant
John Santucci, Set Dresser - On Set Dresser (2nd Unit)
Lucinda Thomson, Art Director
Gus Lobb, Set Decorator - Set Finisher
Tim Disney, Art Director - On Set Art Director
Oliver Anderson, Set Decorator - Set Finisher
Adrienne Ogle, Set Dresser - On Set Dresser (2nd Unit)
Duke Cullen, Art Department - Creatures Art Supervisor
Glen Johnson, Greensman
Ray Harvie, Storyboard Artist
Jeffrey Small, Model Maker - Mold Department
Carol Koch, Sculptor
Lyle Conway, Sculptor
Michael O'Brien, Model Maker - Mold Department
Pilo Silva, Greensman - Greens Foreman
Kevin MacCarthy, Storyboard Artist
Robin Dufay, Art Department - Art Finisher
Claire Kaufman, Set Decorator
Ben Bauer, Art Director - On Set Art Director (2nd Unit)
Peter Andrus, Art Director
Amanda Nelis, Art Department - Art Department Production Assistant
Michael A Jackson, Storyboard Artist
Jaudi Negri, Greensman
James Ojala, Model Maker - Mold Department
Nick Vanderwert, Sculptor - Sculptor Leading Hand
Charles Kuc, Sculptor
Jason Barnett, Model Maker - Mold Department
Johnny Torres, Greensman
Frank Musitelle, Greensman
Thomas Hebert, Model Maker - Mold Department
Anna Meszaros, Sculptor
Daniel Power, Sculptor
Erika Olson, Model Maker - Mold Department
Edward Guerrero, Greensman
Brant Lavalla, Model Maker - Mold Department
Danny Fraser, Sculptor
Hamish Alderson-Hicks, Sculptor
Ken Niederbaumer, Model Maker - Mold Department
Amber Skowronski, Model Maker - Mold Department
Lis Johnson, Sculptor
Maudie Brady, Sculptor
Timothy Phoenix, Model Maker - Mold Department
Russell Lukich, Model Maker - Mold Department
Melanie Poudroux, Sculptor
Jonathan Lawrence, Sculptor
Selenia Rios, Model Maker - Mold Department
Anthony Lucas, Model Maker - Model Unit Supervisor
Patrick Meade, Sculptor
Paul Allen, Sculptor
Simon Bowland, Sculptor
Steve Carroll, Sculptor

There is an even longer list for the designers of visual effects, not to mention wardrobe, hair, and makeup design. Show this list to your students, their parents, and your school guidance counselor.
Click on the heading above to see the trailer for the movie.

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