Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Brad Holland: America's Top Illustrator

Brad Holland (right) has won more awards presented by the New York Society of Illustrators than any other illustrator in its history. In 2005 he was elected to the New York Society of Illustrators (NYSI) Hall of Fame. The American illustrator Mark English has called Holland "the most important illustrator in America today."

Holland's exhibit at the Sharadin Gallery at Kutztown University of Pennsylvania, is their first exhibit featuring the work of a single illustrator. The exhibit, and Holland's presentation to students and faculty, promoted by the university's Communication Design department rather than the Art department, highlighted the continuing divide between fine art and illustration. Holland's work is more "painterly" and "art-like" than, for example, that of his friend Chris Payne, but it still provides a good contrast between work done for publication and mass audiences and work created for galleries and private collectors.

Holland (born 1943) is best known for his work for Playboy and Penthouse magazines. In 1967 Holland moved to New York City with no prospects of work when he met Art Paul, art director of Playboy magazine. Though he is perhaps best known for his work at Playboy, through his career, he has worked completely as a freelance illustrator. In 1972 he became a contributor to the New York Times Op-Ed page. In 1977 he published Human Scandals, a social commentary using ink drawings.

Holland is co-founder of The Illustrators Partnership of America, and advocates the preservation of creative copyrights on intellectual property.

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