Friday, November 13, 2009

Bryan Lawson Explores How Designers Think

Bryan Lawson (left) has a couple of books that are useful to help people understand the growing role of design in shaping the world and transforming education.

"What Designers Know" and "How Designers Think" (right) deal with different techniques that represent the forms of knowledge used by designers. The books explore whether design knowledge is special, and attempt to explain where design knowledge comes from. Lawson focuses on how designers use drawings in communicating their ideas and how they think with drawings as their designs develop. He also shows how experienced designers use knowledge differently to novices suggesting that design expertise can be developed.

Professor Bryan Lawson is an architect and a psychologist concerned with creative processes in design and with the relationship between architecture and our quality of life. He has worked on the idea of evidence-based design for many years.

Lawson's books, exploring the complex topic of design, should be standard reading for all those with a general interest in the topic. Lawson explains design by analyzing the designer, the process of design, the product produced, and the customer.

The books are intended for students, instructors, designers, and researchers of interactive systems coming from such diverse backgrounds as computer science, psychology, industrial engineering, technical writing, communications and media, product design, graphic design, and education.

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