Monday, November 16, 2009

Design Education as Part of Basic Education for Everyone

We already posted an article about the new book Glimmer, by Warren Berger but want to call your attention to the idea presented in the book that design education should be part of basic education for everyone. That's really the message in Berger's book because he isn't a designer himself (he's a journalist) so he presents this idea from the perspective of a concerned citizen. This becomes clear in a video Berger created to explain why he wrote the book.

Design has moved far beyond million-dollar interiors and cool new typefaces; today it’s all about optimism, action, and unlimited possibilities. In Glimmer ten principles of design are shown in action—addressing business, social, and personal challenges, and improving the way we think, work, and live.

Through hundreds of anecdotes and interviews, Berger presents the history and future of proactive design in a comprehensive, entertaining book that takes readers into the studios of international design stars such as Dean Kamen, Yves Behar, Brian Collins, Paula Scher, Stefan Sagmeister, and Bruce Mau. The book examines, up-close, the ways in which designers approach problems, utilize unique tools and techniques, and ultimately arrive at solutions. Inspired by ideas from top designers, Berger shares actionable and sometimes counterintuitive design principles such as “Ask stupid questions;” “Make hope visible;” “Work the metaphor;” “Embrace constraints;” and “Begin anywhere,” and then fleshes out exactly what each one means and how it can be implemented in business and personal life.

Click on the heading above to see a brief video of Warren Berger talking about why design education is important for everyone.

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