Sunday, December 20, 2009

Avatar Delivers for Designers

Box Office figures won't tell an accurate story about the opening weekend of Avatar because of the huge storm that hit the Northeast. We had 24 inches of snow in one day in Philadelphia (what we usually get in a whole winter).

Avatar pulled in $27 million on its opening day (before the storm) but the film cost between $225-250 million to produce. I don't think James Cameron has any reason to worry.

Avatar is one film you have to see in the theater and shell out the extra money for the 3-D experience. There are four ways to see the film - the traditional film format; in 3D; in HD Digital 3D; and in Imax Digital HD 3D. See it in the best format available in your town. It will be hard to go back to watching traditional movies after seeing the new digital 3D format.

In the midst of the second worst storm in recorded Philadelphia history, we made it to the theatre to see Avatar. Here are some random thoughts:

What makes digital animation believable? - The expressiveness of the mouths not the eyes (these characters have anime eyes.)
The movie is about the process of making the movie - learning to make avatars move convincingly.
This one isn't about humans against machines - it is about humans against nature.
A common theme - egghead scientists against good old American soldiers and businessmen.
The American story is that our heroes aren't very rational but they have "heart" (Captain Kirk versus Mr. Spock)
The Navi have cat-like features, vocalizations and mannerisms although their culture is Native American.
The fall of the big tree is reminiscent of the fall of the Twin Towers,
Humans used to be people of the earth - now they are the evil "sky-people".
Transitioning back and forth between the people and their avatars - they are more impressive as Navi.
Many of us would like to have a different body if we had the chance.
The lighted plants and forest scenes - I see a theme park in the making.
The audience applauded at the end of the movie.

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