Friday, December 18, 2009

Debbie Millman Tapes TV Version of "Design Matters"

Debbie Millman, celebrating her impressive 100th online blog interview with influential designers, also launched the first set of video interviews for the pilot of her television version of "Design Matters" with a taping before a live audience at the School of Visual Arts Theatre in lower Manhattan.

Her first two guests for the TV version of "Design Matters" were, appropriately, her first two guests for the online audio interviews several years ago - Milton Glaser and Stephan Sagmeister. You can't get much bigger guests than that.

Millman understands television. She is herself an attractive blonde and chose for her first two guests, not only world-class designers, but tall charismatic men. It fits a television formula, but it works.

The Design Matters TV show is not a "Wayne's World" community access program. This is real TV along the lines of "Inside the Actor's Studio". There is a large crew - producer (Hillman Curtis), director, stage manager, two teleprompters, audio technicians, lighting, projection, key grip, 4 cameras, a rotary track for the 2 cameras on stage (visible in the photo on left), a makeup artist, etc.

The design world waits to find out whether the pilot will get picked up.

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