Thursday, December 17, 2009

"Designing Interactions" is a Good Online Resource

I've reported about Bill Moggridge's book "Interaction Design" before but, if you haven't checked it out, you can learn quite a bit from a great website that has been created about the book. There are interviews with the designers featured in the book and much of the book is right there on line for free. Click on the heading above to see the informative and well-designed site.

The book is big and looks intimidating. Don't let that scare you off. Moggridge himself (right) is one of the leading experts on interaction design in the world. He was one of the founders of IDEO, perhaps the top design firm in the world. He will be one of the keynote speakers at the IxDA conference in Atlanta in February.

You probably don't include interaction design in your curriculum yet but that shouldn't keep you from exposing your students to interaction design. It is one of the leading design fields in the world right now. They need to know what it is and who some of the key players are, even if you aren't geared up to have students do an interaction design project yet.

Chapters in Designing Interactions include:
1 The Mouse and the Desktop Interviews with Doug Engelbart, Stu Card, Tim Mott and Larry Tesler
2 My PC Interviews with Bill Atkinson, Paul Bradley, Bill Verplank and Cordell Ratzlaff
3 From the Desk to the Palm Interviews with John Ellenby, Jeff Hawkins, Bert Keely, Rob Haitani and Dennis Boyle
4 Adopting Technology Interviews with David Liddle, Mat Hunter, Rikako Sakai, David Kelley and Paul Mercer
5 Play Interviews with Bing Gordon, Brendan Boyle, Brenda Laurel and Will Wright
6 Services Interviews with Live|Work, Fran Samalionis and Takeshi Natsuno
7 The Internet Interviews with Terry Winograd, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, Steve Rogers and Mark Podlaseck
8 Multisensory and Multimedia Interviews with Hiroshi Ishii, Durrell Bishop, Joy Mountford and Bill Gaver
9 Futures and Alternative Nows Interviews with Dunne and Raby, John Maeda and Jun Rekimoto
10 People and Prototypes The author’s view of designing interactions, with help from Jane Fulton Suri and Duane Bray

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