Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Designing Video Games with Flash

Game design is beginning to work its way into colleges and even high schools. Surprisingly, many student and independent game design projects use Adobe Flash. Tens of thousands of people around the world have made a career out of designing games with Flash.

There is a book to help you get started called Foundation Game Design With Flash by Rex van der Spuy (right).

Here's an excerpt:
Although there are probably as many ways to make games as there are readers of this book, a good place to start is with a piece of software called Flash. Not only is Flash very easy to learn but you can also use it to produce games of great complexity and professional quality if you have time and imagination. The other great thing about Flash is that the skills you'll acquire while learning game design with Flash can be directly applied to game design on many other platforms if you want to take your learning further. Flash is a completely comprehensive software tool for building games. It's now in version 10 and is part of Adobe's Creative Suite 4 set of design software (although it can be purchased and used as an individual product).

Learning game design with Flash is really a two-step process. You need to learn Flash's visual work and graphic design environment, and also its built-in programming language called ActionScript. A programming language is a kind of language, similar to English or French, that we humans can use to communicate with computers. To make games with Flash, the game characters and objects are designed in Flash's visual design environment and they're then told how to behave using ActionScript. The big advantage of using Flash to learn game design over other methods is that the visual design and programming elements are completely integrated. This greatly speeds up the simplicity and efficiency of the game-design process and makes it a whole lot of fun as well.

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I am currently teaching animation in flash to 8th grade students. It is a great way to get at problem solving, though I am not a strong enough programmer to get into AS3

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