Friday, December 25, 2009

The Holidays are Rich with Design

The holidays are a time when professional and vernacular design is really brought to the forefront. Advertisers bring out their best graphic design, industrial designers present their best product designs, cities and homes are completely redesigned to provide the most stimulating design experiences possible, and the experience of design creates the most emotional and stimulating sensory delight the human imagination can provide.

Haddon Sundblom forever set the standard for Santa Claus with his paintings for Coca-Cola (left) and, ever since, Coke's trademark red and white colors have also been the the colors in which we expect to see Santa dressed. People drag trees inside their homes and decorate them, as well as the whole house (inside and out), with lights and carefully selected ornaments. Music, lighting, the smells of trees and food, the feel of the cold winter air, the colors and textures of new clothing, are just some of the ways we consciously try to stimulate all our senses and really feel "alive" during the holidays.

So, whatever you celebrate at this time of year, take a moment to reflect on how we create our world and make a life worth living through design.

Happy Holidays!


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jenny said...

What a fun place to be for Christmas...full of good memories & cheer. Have a very Happy new year... Enjoy.

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