Monday, December 21, 2009

K-12 Design Education #1 Priority of National Design Policy Initiative

At their second annual summit the U.S. National Design Policy Initiative (NDPI) held in Washington, D.C. in December 2009 the group identified K-12 design education as their #1 priority.

Of three resolutions passed by the group, #1 was Introduce into K-12 educational curriculum learning modules on design creativity and innovation.

This was the top priority proposal from the wider design community gaining 23% of the 324 votes. This proposal supports the work of the Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum, led by Caroline Payson; the Association of Architecture Organizations' A+DEN (Architecture + Design Education Network) which includes AIA, AAF, and Chicago Arch. Foundation; initiatives in AIGA Design Educators Community, and many other K-12 design education initiatives.

The National Design Policy Initiative (NDPI), founded in 2008 by Dori Tunstall, was developed to raise the visibility of design as "paramount to US economic competitiveness...and democratic governance." The NDPI annual Summit gathers designers, government officials, design education accreditation agencies and professional organizations to begin a national conversation about the development of a policy structure that would support and benefit from design's value. The project proposes structural changes that address contemporary shortcomings of American design infrastructure.

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