Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Redesigning CityCenter Las Vegas

When Las Vegas outgrew its downtown center and expanded out onto the "Strip," people stopped going into Las Vegas proper. In a strange way, Las Vegas suffered from the same problem as many cities across America - suburbanization. It's just that the Las Vegas "suburb" was full of casinos, bright lights, and over-the-top architecture. The result was the same - the city center began to die.

The effort to redesign Las Vegas' City Center turned out to be the largest single development project in the world - equivalent to 12 midtown Manhattan blocks. The firm that carried out this 18-million square foot, city-scale mixed use development was Gensler.

Gensler, selected by MGM MIRAGE as the Executive Architect on CityCenter, led the design team from concept to completion in just five short years, an unprecedented achievement in the architectural world for a project of any kind. They created a 67-acre built environment that included four separate hotels, a retail and entertainment district, and residential towers in 60 months.

Gensler used its deep resources and innovative project delivery approaches to work with every element of the CityCenter team to to create the world's largest sustainably-designed development. They lead seven other design architects and hundreds of consultants in this project that is unique in the development industry. To realize the vision of a world-class entertainment, leisure and living destination, Gensler and MGM MIRAGE assembled a dream team of world-renowned architects, engineers and specialty designers.

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