Thursday, December 31, 2009

Setting Design Goals for Schools

As we think about a new year and make our resolutions, here are my hopes for design education for 2010.

Visual Literacy and Design Education will become a part of general education for all students every year.
Teachers will receive the professional development necessary to provide quality design education for students.
Students will learn about information design, product design, environment design, and experience design as part of regular instruction in schools.
Students will know the history of design including influential practitioners like Frank Lloyd Wright, Raymond Loewy, Paul Rand, Zaha Hadid, Jane Jacobs, etc.
Students will recognize influential design icons like the Eames chair (left) and the architecture of Santiago Calatrava (right).
Students will know processes for problem-solving and creating designs such as ideation, visualization, prototyping, presentation, and implementation.
Students will develop design thinking skills to become more aware citizens and help shape the future through design.

2010 is the decade in which visual learning and design will become part of the general education curriculum for all students every year taught by qualified teachers in schools everywhere.

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jenny said...

I especially like it when you talked about process goal setting for school designs. Focusing on goals, especially big ones can be overwhelming and attractive to all. Thanks for it.

r4i kort