Friday, December 18, 2009

Stephan Sagmeister Says He's Not Nostalgic

Stephan Sagmeister (right) is one of the top graphic designers in the world. He enjoys the mobility that comes with fame and the ability to travel around the world to speak, consult and design. He gets to pick and choose projects that interest him.

Sagmeister was one of the guests on Debbie Millman's pilot TV show "Design Matters" taped in New York in December. He talked about making the notorious AIGA poster in which he had the information for the event scratched into his skin (left). (Yes, that's not Photoshopped - they are actual scars that have since faded away.) His latest book is "Things I Have Learned" (left).

During the taping of the TV pilot, Sagmeister said he is not a very nostalgic person. Printed magazines, for example, are on the way out, but even though he is a graphic designer, he finds no reason to mourn their loss. His attitude is things change - new visual forms are developed - get over it and move on.

He tried an experiment with his design firm in the past where they tried to be a "style-less" design firm that, rather than having an identifiable style, would create a new style for each new project. He said it wasn't a successful strategy. He found that, as eclectic and unique his style is, they do have a style and it is better to go with that rather than adapt completely for each client.

Sagmeister was also one of Debbie's first guests on her popular online blog version of Design Matters so, while we wait to see the outcome of the TV version of the show, you can hear their earlier audio interview online.

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