Thursday, December 17, 2009

Visioneer Design Challenge Receives Grant

The Wisconsin Art Education Association (WAEA) has been conducting a statewide design competition for middle and high school students called "Visioneer Design Challenge" for four years. In this program, professional designers and community design-related companies and leaders partner to help art teachers and students learn design strategies. Professional designers create and judge the events. Teachers and students learn together. Students take charge of their learning and preparation.

WAEA recently received a Gifted And Talented grant from the Wisconisn Department of Public Instruction to further prepare art teachers to identify and provide opportunities in art and design for students. The grant will allow WAEA to provide three in-service sessions in which substitute pay, food and transportation will be provided for 20 participating art teachers.

a. January 11 at Edgewood College, Madison, the initial in-service will focus on identifying students who are gifted and talented, creating a profile of these students, and how to work with them in the Art and Design areas once they are identified.

b. April 23 is the Visioneer Design Challenge program at University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee Peck School of Art (left), where art teachers will observe and document what students are doing, how they are solving problems, and their energies and attitudes concerning learning new methods in art.

c. In May a follow-up session will be held at CESA's in each region. At this meeting teachers will assess what they have learned about students and their learning- what worked, what didn't and how to improve this process.

To learn more about the Visioneer Design Challenge program and its offerings, go to or click on the heading above. You can create a Visioneer Design Challenge for your city or state.

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