Sunday, January 24, 2010

100 Best Type Faces of All Time

Now here's a daunting proposal - of the thousands of typefaces that have been created - decide which are the best 100 type faces of all time? That's just what one web site claims to do.

Click on the heading above to see the complete list.

The text isn't in English but each typeface, its creator and the date are provided along with images and information for every one of the 100 typefaces. Just click on each face to follow up on any that interest you.

You can agree or disagree with reasons for liking a particular typeface (right) but it's just fun to learn a bit about things we see around us every day and probably don't even notice. And, if your the type who even has a favorite typeface you will probably want to get a T-shirt (left) featuring some of the sans serif typefaces.

I find that I use a couple of typefaces until I'm sick of them (or the times change) and then move on to some new favorites.