Friday, January 8, 2010

3D Coming to TV Sooner Than Expected

Movie theaters hoped to hold onto viewers who are choosing to stay home to watch movies on TV by introducing new and improved 3D technology with amazing films like "Avatar" but competition from 3D television is coming sooner than expected.

CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2010 in Las Vegas has exhibits by TV manufacturers who believe that the 3D TV will already become big this year. Panasonic plans to launch a range of new HD 3-D enabled TV’s and Sony is also working on their own version of this technology. According to TransWorldNews, HD 3D TV is seen as the first major change for flat screen TVs.

Sony, Panasonic and other TV makers know that competition for media eyes is fierce so they have to think of new technologies to keep consumers happy. 3-D seems to be the obvious answer because of the number of new 3D movies being released in theatres.

The movie that will help 3D TV sales is Avatar the latest blockbuster from James Cameron that pushes CGI boundaries to its limits.

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